Rent an erotic rodeo

The ride on the rodeo penis – unique in the entire EU!

Weight of the rodeo plant


space requirements

diameter 7m, height 3m (hovercraft diameter 6m + safety distance)

power requirements

2 x 230V / 16A

care, support

1 Operator

action time

6 hours each day

Up & Dismantling Time

approx. 1 hour

minimum age

18 years

maximum weight


Further information

Assembly and dismantling requires three strong helpers, alternatively, you can book additional support staff from us, Only ground-level delivery or with freight lift


Presentation incl. equipment, Scoreboard on a 50-inch TV, Winners' podium

Branding possibilities

The air cushion can be provided with an encircling banner in your design. Also, a new production of the air cushion is possible, color adapted to your wishes and printed with your logos. Also beach flags on the rodeo device skillfully convey your advertising message.

Instead of sitting on a rodeo bull, the riders are seated on a giant phallus here, following the same rules as for bull riding:

Hold with one hand, stretch the other arm far enough to balance the rode movements and press the legs firmly against the body.

A short sign to the operator and off you go: Slowly the pink giant penis starts its rhythmic movements, after 15 seconds follows the next level. The riders decide for themselves whether they want to descend voluntarily from the rodeo gap between the steps or whether they let themselves be swept into the soft air cushion.

The erotic rodeo is great fun for private parties, club events and erotic fairs. Ideal for stag and hen parties, the penis riding brings a huge fun and is a unique surprise for all visitors of the event.

Rent a Bull Riding Facility with XXL Penis now. That’s the gag of the century!

We deliver modern, safe equipment including the necessary support staff. Also a competition with moderation is possible.

765,00  (Netto) 910,35  (Brutto) inkl. MwSt.

The travel costs we calculate individually, with several days of use we grant high discounts. Inquire now.